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UN-HIGHLIGHTS: Natural Looking Highlights

You know I am always a fan of the less is more approach when it comes to hair color. I am sure you appreciate it and many of my clients do.

The great thing about hair color today is that trends in hair seem to be more in the direction of natural looking, longer wear, less maintenance hair color. I love that this is happening, bold highlights or un natural looking color is a thing of the past and as a colorist let me tell you – its not easy to mimic what nature might naturally have given you when you were a little girl.

Luckily with change, comes a time to learn and evolve. For me and most hair artist we get very excited to learn new things and techniques that will help s stay up to date with the trends to help our clients achieve a the most current look.

Here is a little tecnique I like to call “UN-highlights”. This is when you blend highlights at the root for a more natural blended look.

Unlike the severe highlights we tend to see a lot walking around town, these are finer and less abrasive looking. The way I achieve this is by highlighting and then re-rooting with a permanent toner. Doing so I can almost match the natural color of the root, yet its a little lighter, then with the perfect allotted processing time blend the highlights at the root – while still maintaining the lightness.

Highlights like these are great for clients who want to have a better grow out, no like of demarcation, and overall a more NATURAL look to their hair and not to mention a lot easier on the hair.

Take a look:



Ease into Ombre

If you are looking for a change and you have never done color before, Ombre is the way to go… Take a look at one of my clients Before and After, having never done color, she had a more dark and mysterious look. I recommended we ease her hair color into a modern version of the Ombre without touching her natural base color, which makes for an easy grow out, low maintenance look.



Best Ombre


best Ombre Best Ombre

Honey Blonde

honey blonde

Me and my client Katie opted for a Gisele inspired natural toned blonde (Wheat, honey blonde) versus a bleached out look. Achieving this color without the use of bleach is very important to get a more true-to-tone highlight, with less damage to the hair. Beachy not bleach-y is always a favorite among my clients…

natural honey blonde

Natural honey blonde


Alright guys, need some ideas on changing up your haircolor but too afraid of highlights that look too done. Personally I love to see men rocking their natural hair color, but sometimes, a little change is good. My client Alan is a frequent little Chameleon when it comes to changing up his hair. This time, since his hair was very short on the sides I thought it best that we not highlights the sides of his hair this time, but yet still make it nice and bright on the top. Here is a Before of his hair when he came in and an After when I painted a few Balayage highlights.


highlights on men guylights

highlights on men guylights

highlights on men guylights

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