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Hair Color by Erick Orellana

Dark red/brown to apricot

Here is a before and after of this HOT Fall hair color. My client and cousin decided she wanted change, and knowing her, I knew this would not be a subtle change. We both decided after brainstorming some ideas that we should go all out and go LIGHT, and not just a boring dark to blonde makeover, we were going Apricot red! After a few hours of lightening her hair, changing her base, and finally toning all of the hair, we achieved that beautiful color we aimed for.

dark red brown hair


Apricot red haircolor

Apricot red hair color


Vanilla Blonde

Now here is one of my favorite and signature highlights I love to do on my clients who are naturally light ash blonde. Vanilla blonde highlights are also a subtle way to minimize any redness in the skin and soften features. A very low maintenance  type of blonde this color grows out almost seem less, blending very naturally at the root with a much lighter at the ends kind off effect.

Blonde highlights

NOTE: No animal was hurt during or after the appointment process, lol…

Fall Highlights

Who does not love having natural looking highlights that can transition into fall with warm rich caramel tones? The best thing about this highlighting technique is, YES it was done with FOIL! My client Angie came in with dark natural color and she had insured me it had not been touched for years. Being that I know she is a very low maintenance kind of girl and her hair was so naturally dark our goal was not to make her too light, we both agreed that it was best to keep her color in the richer honey caramel tones versus going too blonde and perfect for fall.


caramel highlights caramel natural highlights



The Perfect Ombre

As trendy as the Ombre hair color is, it’s definitely not easy to achieve it and have it look so natural. When my client came in to see me she was concerned that another persons vision of the Ombre was too dark and intense, with highlights that were just too stripy. I could not agree with her more, the color did not have a gradual darker to lighter fading effect that the Ombre should have.



After fine tuning her highlights to have a darker at the root and much lighter at the ends transition, I was able with just a little soft toner make the Ombre she originally had in mind possible.

perfect OMBRE hair


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